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I heard recently that you shouldn’t have more than ten pairs of shoes. Umm. This is is mayyyybeee half of what I own. #shoes #womenandshoes

I heard recently that you shouldn’t have more than ten pairs of shoes. Umm. This is is mayyyybeee half of what I own. #shoes #womenandshoes

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Positive reinforcement

With May dwindling to a close and wanting to have something positive to go along with Mental Health month, I have decided to make a positive self reinforcement to share with others. It’s an exercise we should all do when we are feeling down.

I am beautiful. I have big, brown eyes that are very underrated. When I have a good hair day, I have so many people tell me that my hair is gorgeous. I have small wrists and hands that make me feel pretty (especially if I have my nails done). I have great legs that need to be toned up a bit, which gives me motivation to get back to walking or jogging, which will also help with endorphins. I have curves that look amazing in the right clothes. My face may be a bit whack (big nose, chubby cheeks, not exact on both sides) but it has character. Those that know me well realize I do make some weird faces at times, which is apparently hilarious. I have scars that make people wonder about me; I’m not ashamed by them because they show some of the struggles I’ve had and how accident prone I can be (like the scar on my wrist when I broiled my hand in the oven last year). I’ve been told I’ve got great lips…and even tho I do have a crooked smile, I like them myself.

I have a great sense of humor. It’s a bit cheesy, bawdy, sarcastic, dry, strange. I am a shy introvert, but can talk your ear off on occasion. I love to read, and my tendency to nerd out on so many things ensures that I always have something on my mind to talk about. I’m full of useless knowledge and trivia. I cheer for my friends. I love seeing them happy because it makes me happy. And I will sit and hold them when they cry bc that’s what friends do.

I’m a strong woman, even when I feel like I might break. I’ve looked my greatest fear in the face and I won that battle. I still struggle daily, but that’s how life goes. I’ll make it. I may be single, and I do get lonely sometimes (especially here lately when I’ve really just wanted someone to hold me) but I don’t need a man in my life for validation. I’m hopeful that one day the man that gets me will show up in my life or fall in love with me and prove he’s a hell of a man that gets me and wants me anyway. And when he does, I will be the lovable, strong, loyal woman he deserves, whoever he may be.

I have a lot to offer everyone in my life. A hug, a shoulder to cry on, someone to just sit and chat with, go to dinner or a movie, braves games with. I will struggle with depression everyday but I will make it. I may forget that I AM unique, and beautiful and worthwhile…but I will have people in my life to assure me that I am worth loving and be there to help me through.

Even if you don’t understand mental illness…you can help someone by just being there for them. Letting them understand you value them. We all need positive reinforcement…even if it’s to ourself.

Make a list of qualities you like about yourself. Even if it’s as small as an oddly shaped birthmark. Remind yourself of these qualities everyday. Remember to love yourself.

I hope my list helps someone along the way.

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